“Happy National Awakening Day!” to All Melanesians from West Papua

Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi from the Central Defense Headquarters says our true identity is “Melanesia”, and our real identity is “Papua”, both are given names by colonial masters, that define us from themselves. These are not self-defined identities.

However, we celebrate this identity of “Papua” as a nation, “West Papua” as a country, “Morning Star” as a national flag being commemorated collectively according to the promise from foreign colonial powers who promised to give us a new nation called “Papua”, a new country called “West Papua”, with a new national flag called “the Morning Star”, and new National Anthem called “Oh Papua, My Land”.

Humanity have been divided into trapped created by colonial masters, calling a people with different names, national identities, national anthem, national flag, national government. Nationalities became the ruling system in our modern society. West Papua is falling into this frame, calling ourselves as Papuan people or Melanesian peoples, both using foreign frames. But at least we satisfy our emotion, calm our mind, peace our heart but defining our identities different from the identification being imposed by foreign powers.

In commemorating this “National Awakening Day” of “Papua” as a people 58 years ago, we are looking forward to “Melanesia” as a people and a territory as our collective identity.

West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) as one of three Affiliate Commands of West Papua Army (WPA) hereby invites all Melanesian leaders to dream for

  1. A Melanesian Political Unity, under a Modern Legal Framework
  2. A Melanesian Economic Unity under modern political system;
  3. A Melanesian inclusion and integration by promoting interactions, festivals and celebrations of our culture and people across the Melanesian Archipelago.

Our power is our spirit, our weapon is our culture, our victory depends on self-identification and self-definition of our own identity as a people and work towards inclusiveness and integration of our people cross nation-states’ boundaries set up by colonial masters in order to serve their best interests.

WPRA is looking beyond nationalism, towards regionalism and internationalism. Our world is not nationalised, but regionalised and globalised. Our nation-hood should also be regionalised and globalised.

WPRA is looking beyond human affairs of nation-hood! It looks towards a Republic of West Papua that protects the Isle of New Guinea as the lungs of life on this Planet Earth.

WPRA is looking beyond the limits of human nation-hood, towards a Republic of West Papua that respects, promotes and protects the identities and livelihoods of all communities of beings.

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