Committee praises PM for UN address on West Papua

By Len GaraeOct 3, 2020, Daily Post

Left to right: VWPAUC Chairman, Pastor Alan Nafuki, Head of Vango Lai Sakita, Caretaker of West Papua Office in Port Vila Freddy Warome and Pastor Peter Ranbel

The Vanuatu West Papua Association and Unification Committee (VWPAUC) has congratulated Prime Minister Bob Loughman’s outspoken address to the United Nations General Assembly by video link this week, in support for West Papua freedom and for Jakarta to allow the Melanesians to determine their God-given right to self — determination.

With the current reports of increased alleged human rights abuse and continuing killings of members of West Papuan clergy by Indonesian soldiers, VWPAUC President, Pastor Alan Nafuki says his Committee is concerned that these reports seem to be a deliberate attempt to do away with indigenous West Papuans as a Melanesian race, to reduce the number of indigenous people that own the mineral rich green mountains and valleys of West Papua.

With his Committee’s current focus on fresh reports of human rights abuse in West Papua and Indonesia proper, by way of terrorizing and arresting of over 40 students, the Committee Chairman says, “This is exactly what we have been speaking out to the Region and the world against and yet, Jakarta continues to deny using its soldiers to commit any such criminal acts.

“We continue to call on all relevant mechanisms in the UN and other international jurisdictions to take note of these reports and to act quickly to make the right decisions to save our brothers and sisters in West Papua”.

The VWPAUC met with the Director General of Foreign Affairs, Kalfau Kaloris, in the absence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade tis week.

The DG assured the Committee he will arrange for it to pay a courtesy call on the Minister and brief him on the latest situation on what is happening on the ground in West Papua.

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