WPA Secretariat-General: Happy Anniversary 12 Cabinets and WPA Command

From the Central Defence Headquarters of West Papua Army (CDH-WPA), on behalf of the WPA Supreme Commander, Chief General Mathias Wenda, the Secretary-General of WPA, Gen. Amunggut Tabi issued statement related to the anniversary of

  1. West Papua Army (1 May 2018 – 1 May 2022)’
  2. The 12 Cabinets of West Papua Provisional Government (1 May 2021 – 1 May 2022)
  3. The appointment of Chief General Mathias Wenda as the Commander-in-Chief of West Papua Army (1 May 2021 – 1 May 2022)

The letter also orders all regional commanders as well as cabinet ministers and other bodies within the government to submit to the vision and programmes of the Interim-President Hon. Benny Wenda in order to win the fight against colonialism of Indonesia.

The letter is signed by General Amunggut Tabi on behalf of Supreme Commander of WPA, Chief General Mathias Wenda.

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