The Marape Rosso-Government Cabinet Line Up with Ministry Portfolios

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  1. James Marape – Prime Minister & Minister for Planning
  2. John Rosso – Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Lands Physical Planning & Urbanisation
  3. William Duma- Minister for State Enterprises
  4. Ian Ling Stuckey- Minister for Treasury
  5. Soroi Eoe – Minister for Provincial & Local Level Government Affairs
  6. Rainbo Paita – Minister for Finance & Implementation
  7. Richard Maru- Minister for International Trade & Investment
  8. Justin Tkatchenko – Minister for Foreign Affairs
  9. Don Polye- Minister for Higher Education ,Research,Science & Technology & Sports
  10. Solan Mirisim- Minister for Works & Highway
  11. Pila Niningi- Minister for Justice & Attorney-General
  12. Walter Schnaubelt- Minister for Transport & Civil Aviation
  13. Kerenga Kua- Minister for Petroleum &Energy
  14. Jimmy Uguro- Minister for Education
  15. Joe Sungi- Minister for Public Service
  16. Salio Waipo- Minister for Forest
  17. Henry Amuli- Minister for Commerce & Industry
  18. Peter Tsiamalili Jnr- Minister for Internal Security
  19. Dr. Lino Tom- Minister for Health
  20. Kobby Bomoreo- Minister for Housing
  21. Jason Peter- Minister for Community Development,Religion & Youth
  22. Timothy Masiu- Minister for Information & Communication Technology
  23. Jelta Wong- Minister for Fisheries & Marine Resource
  24. Win Daki – Minister for Defence
  25. Esi Henry Leonard- Minister for Tourism,Art & Culture
  26. Aiye Tambua- Minister for Agriculture
  27. Sekie Agisa- Minister for Livestock
  28. Francis Maneke- Minister for Oil Palm
  29. Joe Kuli- Minister for Coffee
  30. Bryan Kramer-Minister for Labour & Immigration
  31. Ano Pala- Minister for Mining
  32. Simon Kilepa – Minister for Environment,Conservation & Climate Change
  33. Minister for Bougainville Affairs- To be announced later as the Government is looking for the right person to handle this important portfolio in respect to Bougainville

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