An Indonesian Civil Servant Has Been Tasked to Tame or Kill ULMWP Leaders in Exile

Recently we have been entertained by officers inside West Papua being charged for corruption by the Indonesian colonial government’s Anti Corruption body, the KPK. A few Melanesians defended those Melanesians but majority of the people stay quite, waiting to see who these officers really are: Are they Indonesian collaborators who happen to go over boundaries determined by the colonial government or are they pure Melanesians?

After various search and investigation in the field and after consulting with some officials within Indonesian government departments, the West Papua Central Intelligence Services (WPCIS) declares the concerned individual who is hiding in Papua New Guinea right now is currently under order by the Indonesian Armed Forces Command (TNI Command) to find and tame or even kill ULMWP key leaders abroad.

It has been revealed based on various statements made by Indonesian TNI high ranking officers and the stories of how the person escaped from West Papua into Papua New Guinea, that he was officially guarded and transported with full military guard into Papua New Guinea and he is now under their guard as well.

On the other side, West Papuan Peoples in Papua New Guinea deny their knowledge of his whereabouts and asked respective offices in Papua New Guinea and West Papua to cooperate, because such an activity is not only unwise but immoral according to our Melanesian ethical values.

His particular task is to tame or kill ULMWP officers in exile, therefore, all Melanesians in West Papua or Papua New Guinea as well as around the world should be concerned about this kind of operation being underway and nobody really aware of it.

Meanwhile, West Papua Army (WPA) Central Command Headquarters have warned its officers and troops all over New Guinea Island to be careful with those Indonesian officers crossing over to Papua New Guinea, claiming being chased by Indonesia, but actually they are being funded, transported and guarded by the Indonesian troops.

At the same time, WPA also warns that all Melanesians are Melanesians, whether they work within Indonesian colonial system or outside the system, we are all Melanesians, therefore, we have to pray that God will change the hearts and minds of those Melanesians paid by Indonesian satanic agents to kill and wipe out Melanesians from out motherland: New Guinea Island.

Our Father, Creator of New Guinea Island, we pray that those satanic agents who want to destroy and kill and wipe out Melanesians from our New Guinea island in search for gold and glory, be stopped in the Name of Jesus and their intention to kill their fellow Melanesians who are fighting for humanity and dignity of the Melanesians in our homeland be pardoned and they may change the course, and defend their own peoples and their homeland.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

West Papua Prayer and Fasting Group for a Free and Independent Melanesia

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