The immediates of NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop released a statement in regards to Parkop’s shocking admittance to the hospital. This message has been released to clarify supporters, people of NCD and the rest of this nation about Parkop’s condition.

“We the immediate family of Honorable Governor, Powes Parkop, would like to inform his people of NCD, supporters, friends and colleagues that our father suffered from stomach complications earlier on in the week.”

The Parkop family thanks the hard working staff, doctors and nurses of Port Moresby General Hospital’s (POMGEN) Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for receiving him and providing immediate attention and care for their father

They also thanked the specialized surgeons, nurses and staff of Pacific International Hospital (PIH) for providing great treatment and concern.

“Upon recommendations from PIH, our father was transported to Australia to help with his recovery.”

“We thank his people of NCD for their love, support and prayers. Our father is stable and recovering. We ask that family privacy is respected as well during these times.”

Source HERE

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