About Us

I am Wewo Kotokay, personal blogger, sole-fighter in information dissemination from and for Melanesian peoples in order to build common knowledge and understanding about who we are and what is happening across the archipelago.

I carry out the work individually based on my personal passion.

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Spread the News About Melanesian Archipelago with her Tribes

We are particularly providing news, updates and information from across Melanesian Archipelago, covering various aspects of life, with particular focus on human beings (tribes) across the Melanesian Archipelago. This blog is parallel to https://melanesia.news that broadcasts news, information and update from All Communities of Beings, with emphasis on non-human communities of beings.

Vision, Mission, Targets


An informed and reachable communities of beings in the South Pacific with various news, information and update from and for Melanesian islands and peoples.

Target Audience

Tribes, Islands and Villages in Melanesia.


Let the Melanesian peoples understand things that are developing across Melanesian Archipelago and make the right decision for the self.

Target News

To educate Melanesian tribes on current developments and dynamic across the Melanesian archipelago.

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This is a special mouthpiece of All non-human communities of beings across the Melanesian Archipelago: spirits, plants, animals, landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes and matter.

All human business news and updates from across Melanesian acrhipelago.

The Website of YUMI Melanesia: Good News from Melanesia: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The Website of the United States of Melanesia or the Union of Melanesian States. This website is dedicated to promote a United States of all Seven Melanesian Countries into One Union called Union of Melanesian States.

This website presents the vision of a one and unified Melanesian entity socially, culturally, and economically.

This is the website of Peoples and Cultures of Melanesia and promotes the Melanesian Way as proposed by the Late Melanesian Phylosopher and Tribal Elder: Bernard Narokobi and currently being promoted by Wewo Kotokay.

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