Get your business online today: 99% uptime for rock-solid performance

Start Building your web presence at Rp 41,400.00/mo, Melanesia.Website as offers affordable domain registration and web-hosting packages. According to the Director of CV BANANA Leaf Cafe, Jhon Yonathan Kwano, this web-hosting has been set up as a Start-Up company, part of the Group Business companies, in order to promote entrepreneurship across the Melanesian Archipelago, starting from The Four Kings (Raja Ampat) Islands to Fiji Islands. Hosting Services Hosting Services

Besides, Jhon Kwano also stated that there are several web hosting and domain registration services being provided by CV in order to assist all Melanesian peoples and everyone in the world to register their domain names, and host their websites here:


Jhon Yonathan Kwano says there are various steps taken and policies delivered by the governments in MSG Countries that clearly useful for all Melanesians to begin their cooperation in business activities. The website services is a service that being delivered under Web Hosting Cafe section of the BANANA Leaf Cafe.

Mr. Kwano is fully aware the many of his own Melanesian tribes-peoples do not have access to bank accounts and also to credit cards and Online Payment Accounts, therefore, CV BANANA Leaf Cafe also offers offline payment at offline stores and kiosks across Melanesia.


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