Fewer people involved in sorcery-related killing: MP


RAICOAST MP Peter Sapia says only a few people were involved in sorcery-related killings in Nahu-Rawa after efforts by churches and community leaders to restore peace.

Sapia, pictured, said the small group continued to kill people they accused of practising sorcery.
Sapia was referring to the killing of two men on April 10 near the church ground forcing the closure of the Ranara Primary School.

He said the first step towards peace in Nahu-Rawa was the surrender ceremony held between the Hausman and the Suspects factions at Ramu Township in February last year.

However, there were four more killings this year while they were waiting for funds to hold the reconciliation ceremony.

There were two killings at Tauta station and Sakiko village.
Two brothers from Goiro village in Rawa II had been identified to have started the killings after their father died.

He said most communities have agreed to restore peace.

Sapia has pledged to build rebuild road to link interior areas.

“Otherwise, most communities agreed to restore peace and ensure displaced families are resettled after the reconciliation process” Sapia said.

“A series of meetings was conducted and I have pledged to rebuild the road to Tauta station and link interior areas, and assist displaced people with roofing irons to resettle.”

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