WP leaders declare vow to ‘war’ against Indo

ABC: Leaders of the Free West Papua movement have met in the PNG capital Port Moresby to stress their commitment to war against Indonesia.

The group’s chairman Jeffrey Bomanak delivered a statement at a West Papua Freedom Conference, saying the fight wouldn’t end until Indonesia agrees to meet them peacefully to discuss independence for the West Papua region, which includes both West Papua Province and Papua Province.

“This war has been going on a long time, this fight is still here, so the situation we see is that Indonesia is trying its best to avoid the negotiations between OPM and Indonesia,” he said.

“So this war will not end, it will continue, even if Indonesia brings development or money. But this we are talking about are our fundamental rights”.

Papua New Guinea opposition MP and West Papuan independence supporter, Gary Juffa gave his encouragement.

“It is a fight that is right. So what if they [Indonesia] have the biggest army in the world, why do they have a large army anyway? Something like the fifth or sixth largest army, who are they trying to fight?”.

Indonesia maintains that West Papua will remain its territory, with the country’s Defence Minister earlier this week declaring that “they’re not allowed independence”.

Since coming to power, the Indonesian President Joko Widodo has increased funding to the two provinces, focusing on developing infrastructure and improving connectivity. 

– ABC, The Solomon Star News

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