Support from the Australian Greens 2022

Yesterday I met with the West Papua delegation to hear updates about the recent situation on the ground and to better understand how we can work together to advance human rights and support the liberation movement in West Papua.

The Greens have a strong commitment to the people of West Papua and condemning the human rights abuses perpetrated against them by the Indonesian military.

Some of the people in attendance today were Benny Wenda, President of the United Liberation Movement of West Papua, Ralph Regevanu, the Opposition Leader of Vanuatu and Alex Sobel, a Labor MP from the UK.

[Image 1 depicts Jordon posing with Benny Wenda, Ralph Regevanu, Alex Sobel, Dr. Siobahn McDonnell and the delegation of West Papuan representatives. Alex and Ralph are holding up the West Papuan flag in the middle of the group which has a red rectangle with a white star in the middle on the left side and white and blue stripes on the right side. Image 2 shows Greens MP’s Stephan, David and Jordon sitting at the meeting table listening as others speak.]

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